Ashampoo Gadge It

Create your own custom gadgets and improve your desktop


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Ashampoo Gadge It is an application that lets you create desktop apps, also known as gadgets, for your Windows operating system.

With these gadgets you'll be able to have much faster access to all your files and folders, or your most visited websites, so creating these desktop apps is a great idea for those who need many shortcuts for many different tasks.

You'll thus be able to create a gadget that opens your email in a second so you can send an important email, or another that accesses your folder of family pictures.

Ashampoo Gadge It ensures you connect all the different tasks you want to carry out, as well as completely customize its image. You can thus add your own pictures or background music when creating these applications.

The tool also has a large number of style themes which you can use to get the results you want. You can let your imagination run wild and give it whatever design you want.

Customize and improve your desktop with Ashampoo Gadge It.
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